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             Summary of the 2018 U.N.B.C. season


The 2018 season was another great season as usuall, we averaged 78.8 degrees for high temperatures on tournament days which is an all time record. The high temp. on Bone Lake was 88 degrees which ranks 2nd to Balsam Lake's 92 back in June of 2016 this seems pretty unusuall due to it being held in September. We had five differant winners this year which rarely happens, Three of the winners were brothers (Jamie, Gary & Chad) which is also unusuall (their dad wasn't even close to being a winner which isn't unusuall anymore). The largest bass caught for the year was 4.60 pounds by Randy Grinnell on Big Chetac which ties him with Stacy for now winning four big bass awards. The largest bag for the year was caught by Troy Otsby & his backup partner Chuck Richardson who brought 15.98 pounds to the scales on Yellow Lake. After being in the finals four of the past five years in the Head to Head Tournament the father son team of Larry & Gene Henck finally secured that title. The T.O.C. held on Bone Lake was won by Chad Constantineau & his backup partner Rob Newhouse, 56 fish were weighed at the event which ranks second all time for T.O.C.s & the win ties Rob with Donn Schlapper for second all time with three T.O.C. wins. Also want to commend Chad on having a great year, he fished two of the regular season tournaments with his ten year old son Cruz & the other two solo & finished sixth in points which is not easy to do, there was a lot of really good fishermen who finished below them. Jamie Gibson & Doug Peterson were our Anglers of the Year after winning a points tie breaker over Randy Grinnell & Derek Anderson. Jamie & Doug had finishes of 1st, 6th, 2nd & 12th with a 2nd in the T.O.C. they were the high money winners also so a great year. All fished weighed for the year averaged 2.278 pounds which ranks ninth out of the past ten years (not to impressive). Total weight & the total number of fish caught are hard to rank because of the differant amount of teams thru the years but the total weight of 874 pounds for 2018 does rank seventh as far as lbs. per team goes & the 384 fish caught ranks sixth as far as fish per team. These stats seem to be trending downward which is somewhat alarming.

This coming April at the Wisconsin Spring Hearings there is going to be a very important vote coming concerning the exemption of certain size & bag limits for permitted tournaments on certain bodies of water (LCO, Grindstone, Round, Whitefish, & Wapo to name a few). Its a good possibility that you'll be able to vote on line this year. Should know all the specifics by our meeting Jan. 27th. If anybody has any ideas for changes next year let me know, its seems fresher in your mind if you give them to me now vs. waiting until meeting time.

Have a safe enjoyable offseason & good luck hunting.  



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