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The 2020 season will go on as schedule unless its absolutely neccesary to postpone or cancel some tournaments

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Summary of the 2019 U.N.B.C. Season



The 2019 season statistic wise was an all time high. The total weight for the year was 1,023.70 lbs. total number of fish caught was 405 & the average size of all fished weighed was 2.527 lbs. all are all time circuit highs. Those yearly stats tell me the fishing's getting better or the equipment & anglers are getting better it sure dosen't seem like the fishing's better so I'm betting on the competition being a whole lot better than it was in the past so if this trend continues looks like everybody's going to have to step it up or get left behind. Weather wise we had a average high temp. of 71 degrees on tourney day which ranks as tied for the seventh highest or tied for the fourth coolest in the past eleven years, the 53 degree high at Red Cedar brought that number down significantly. As far as the record books go 2019 had some changes as do all years. Team Hencks moved into the lead for career points 579.66 knocking Durand/Leverty to second with 575. Schlapper/Blazer broke their own record of 72 (2015) for points in a season with 75 this year. Highest average points per season now belongs to Schlapper/Blazer as well with 55.10 & Newhouse/Anselmo moved into second at 54.71. Team Henck's have now moved into first for the most career fish caught with 259 dropping Durand/Leverty into second with 252. Team Hencks have also moved into first for the most career weight caught with 669.13 lbs. while Schlapper/Blazer are now second with 649.97 lbs. These career high's for Schlapper/Blazer are pretty incredible seeing they did not fish in 2014. This year's TOC on Bear Lake broke the record for heaviest TOC total weight with 152.34 lbs. Team Newhouse/Anselmo now have the largest TOC average catch at 12.80 lbs. along with the best average TOC per fish at 3.20 lbs.

Would like to shout out a big thank you to all the girls who helped take pictures, haul, set up & take down the weigh-in equipment like Rachel Constant, Tammy Simonson, Tina Bottolfson, Amber Holle, Chris Boardman & whoever else I missed it would be a whole lot more difficult without the help.  

Going Forward

I guess one of the things to look for during the offseason is to see if the state legislature passes the tournament exemption for size & bag limits on some of our smallmouth waters, following their rules sure didn't do justice to LCO/Grindstone & Round Lake this year. If the law does change look for a new lake or two to be on the 2020 ballot. 

Beware of the Lake Associations they'll never admit it but their goal is to privitize the lakes. They will be making things as miserable as possible for us & anybody else who wants to share what they think are their lakes & the DNR seems to be catering to them so be prepared for a on going battle with them.

Looking forward to 2020, meeting January 26th.

What were some of the non TOC qualifiers doing when the prefishing & tournament was going on, check out the pictures below.




Leo's boat fell off the trailer & he didn't know it as you can tell by the fiberglass track left on the blacktop, results new boat on order.
Troy Olson went hunting on TOC day, results a dandy 12 pointer.

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