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A Summary of the 2021 Season

So 2021 was a memorable season that won't be forgotten by many, the weather was way to nice which probably means we'll pay for that in the future. There might have been a few minutes where the anglers had to wear rain suits, but very minimal. As far as the fishing went 2021 broke a lot of the fish catching records & by a wide margin, here's a list of the yearly records that were set: The 1,087.21 lbs. that were brought to the scales beat out 2019 by 63 lbs. the previous 12 year average was 883 lbs. per year. The 411 fish weighed also beat out 2019 by 6 fish, the 12 year average was 366 fish per year & the average size of all fish weighed was 2.64 lbs. with the 12 year average being 2.40 lbs. So WOW what a fish catching year especially after last year ranking as one of the worst ever. A lot of the record breaking year records were due to the record breaking weigh-in at Shell Lake, other than the clouds that day(effected the sight fishing) we couldn't have hit it any better, there was a total of 291.48 lbs. that hit the scale that day smashing 2017's day on Birch Island by over 48 lbs. & the average size of the bass that came out of Shell was 3.20 lbs. which is amazing especially seeing that the old record was 2.99 lbs. which came from LCO back in 2010. Todd Larson & Steve Warren were our Anglers of the Year(their first) & deservingly so they placed in three of the regular season tourneys winning one & followed it up with a third place at the T.O.C. Their great year also got them into the record books for a couple of categories they edged ahead of Schlapper/Blazer for the best average points per season 54.166 to 54.041(don't get no closer than that). They also edged ahead of them for the best average size for all bass caught in a season at 3.105 lbs. to 3.102 lbs.(guess it does get closer than that). I personally had this record for five years with a 3.07 avg. & was damn proud of it because any time all the fish you weigh for a season averages over three pounds apiece in this part of the country you've had one hell of a year, I thought that record would hold up for a very long time but in 2015 Donn & Joel edged me out & now six years after that Todd & Steve have edged by them. Nobody gives these guys more crap about fishing them fairy wands than me, but I guess the proof's in the pudding my hats are off to you boys for a great year. Jamie Gibson & Doug Peterson won the T.O.C. & had the big bass for the tourney which moved them into a 3 way tie with Leo/Morey & Steve Hirsch for the most team big bass awards with five. Big bass winner's Larry Henck & Leo Durand have now moved into a five way tie for individual big bass awards with Stacy, Randy & Hirsch at four. Other tournament winners this year were Foxy & Stacy, along with two time winners Joe & Eric. Gene & Larry have the most Head to Head wins at 26 followed by Donn & Joel with 16. Chad & Cruz had their 19 consecutive streak of limits get snapped at the T.O.C. just two shy of the Henck's record of 21. The new consecutive streak leader is a tie between Todd/Steve & Jamie/Doug at 11. Larry Henck caught the biggest bass of the year a 4.95 pound mutt from the Big Chip. & Joe & Eric  caught the biggest bag at 19.35 pounds from Shell Lake. Nothing could be truer then the statement that records are made to be broken, so look for more records to fall again in the future, ALL READY LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR.


Good Luck On The Hunt Everybody, Send Pictures.


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