Up North Bass Circuit
Up North Bass Circuit


 After a very long winter & a very short spring the 2022 U.N.B.C. season is about to kick off. This year's opening tournament will be held on Nelson Lake where the circuit's anglers have had a ton of history BUT never have they been there in May, which should make it a pretty even playing field. So as allways in the May tournaments the stage of the spawn is a big mystery. Pre-fishing reports were that fishing was pretty tough especially finding quality fish, the lack of weeds made it hard to find places that fish would hold on. At the end of pre-fishing the word was that for the most part there was no sign of any spawn going on, that probably will change come game time that is if the upcoming cold front don't throw a monkey wrench into that plan. The defending Nelson Lake Champs are team Schlapper/Blazer who back in August of 2020 won the derby with 16.90 lbs. GOOD LUCK

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