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Steve Warren's Stratos on Toledo Bend
Killer with a 7 lb. 3 oz. Sam Rayburn mutt.
Todd Larson's 7.65 lb. giant from Picwick Lake, Alabama.
Leo's 8 - 15 on Toledo Bend Texas
Morey with a big Alabama Drum (known as a Sheephead in Wisconsin)
Bill Cote & Greg Morrisette, now them are some big Wisconsin crappies. May 2015 on a secret lake.
Leo's 28 lb. Texas catfish
Jamie Gibson's Ranger swamped during the great Shell Lake wind storm (May22 2010)..
Steve Constant's Ranger washed up on shore also during the Shell Lake storm.
Steve's Ranger survive's another wind storm (Burnett County storm July 1st 2011).
Todd's truck after a deer collision on the way to the Bone Lake tournament. (5/18/13)
What happens to Leo's truck when he parks too close to Killer's boat trailer & opens his door at the wrong time.
Part of Doug & Jamie's 30 lb. 8 fish limit of smallies (May 2012)
Doug & Jamie needed some help showing off another 30 lb. first place stringer, May 2015.
Rick's 10 lb. 7 oz. Texas mutt, March 2011.
Killer's 11 lb 8 oz. hawg (Lake El Salto, Mexico 3/1/2008)
Leo with a pair of giant Lake Amistad Texas bass, March 2012‏
Jamie with a Mexican HAWG.
Rick with a 7 lb.5 oz. stud from Lake Amistad Texas, 2012
Steve & Greg's 20.51 lbs. to capture the 2010 T.O.C. crown.
Morey's Lake Amistad Texas pig in March 2012.
Doug Richert with an 8 lb. Burnett County Large Mouth! (Secret Lake)

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