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Up North Bass Circuit

The 2020 season will go on as schedule unless its absolutely neccesary to postpone or cancel some tournaments

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WAPO 2015

 Lake Wapogasset Champs Donn Schlapper & Pat Schlapper 15.00 lbs.

 Lake Wapogasset Big Bass Stacy Andersen 5.16 lbs.

 Lake Wapogasset 2nd place Chad Andrea & Tim Andrea 13.25 lbs.

 Lake Wapogasset 3rd place Larry Henck & Gene Henck 12.44 lbs.

 Lake Wapogasset 4th place Stacy Andersen & Jeff Fox 12.27 lbs.

 Lake Wapogasset 5th place Mike Stewart & Paul Stevens 11.09 lbs.

 Lake Wapogasset Scoreboard 7/25/2015

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